About Us

Our Vision

To provide a support group of like-minded professionals to assist with your career progression.

To represent the views and opinions of young lighting professionals and bring them to a wider audience.

To provide informative and independent training advice for those interested in a career in lighting.

What we do

The Voice of the Young Lighting Profession

We provide young professionals with the opportunity to get involved within the lighting community and shape the future of the ILP and the lighting industry. Our members serve on committees at local and national level to ensure our views and needs are truly heard.

Lighting Journal

The Lighting Journal is the official, monthly magazine for our members and consists of information on all aspects of the lighting profession: from technical coverage and developments to new products and services, professional news, opinions and debate. The YLP have a dedicated page within the Lighting Journal to communicate the latest news on the group, whilst offering a round up of the recent activities and initiatives we are involved in.


We organise events nationwide to educate and provide support to young members within the lighting industry. Our events range from technical seminars held regionally, to being part of large scale events such as the ILP Annual Conference. This enables our members to network with established members of the lighting profession from various areas of our community.


We provide information, support and advice to the membership through events, publications and social media networks. We hold drop in sessions and various events to provide guidance and feedback to those completing the project (Module 4) on the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma. The informal learning environment provides attendees with the opportunity to ask any questions, regarding the Diploma and their career.


  1. YLP Brochure 170kb PDF