The Art of Seeing

Titanic building

lighting design by Sutton Vane Associates

How light has interacted with various art forms including Fine Arts, Theatre, Film.

All designers should have a wide experience of lighting culture and should make every effort to expose themselves to many artforms particularly those with a significant lighting content. It is suggested that designers should keep a record of attendance in their CPD records. 




 ETC Ltd

Lighting with LED and Tungsten

This seminar explores the benefits and difficulties of using both LED and Tungsten for entertainment lighting. 

To start we will get a feel for what colour perception is; what colours really are and have a bit of fun with some illusions.  

The next section is on how LED lights have rapidly developed and where the development will and must end.  We will talk about how they mix colours and what we can expect and what not to expect.  This is explored in the realms of LED White, Tri Chroma and Seven Colour systems.  

Finally we will look at the practical aspects of supplying power and data to an all-LED or hybrid LED/Tungsten lighting rig, culminating in a case study of transition from Tungsten to LED.

The seminar is aimed at lighting professionals, system designers, theatre and facility owners and managers and electrical engineers. 

Morgan Baker, ETC Reception 020088961000


iGuzzini carries out much of its research alongside some of the world's leading institutions like Harvard University and MIT. It then uses this material to construct thought provoking training material that explores new trends through the use of effects, projects and products. iGuzzini's training promises to allow you to 'touch light' and stay at the forefront of the lighting industry.