Standards of Application

A11 underpass

lighting design by Sutton Vane Associates

Study of how the amount of light relates to its quality, characteristics, direction and distribution. 





iGuzzini carries out much of its research alongside some of the world's leading institutions like Harvard University and MIT. It then uses this material to construct thought provoking training material that explores new trends through the use of effects, projects and products. iGuzzini's training promises to allow you to 'touch light' and stay at the forefront of the lighting industry.

Photometric and Optical Testing

Photometric & Optical Testing delivers training seminars in three subjects: laser safety (with reference to EN 60825); photometry and light measurement; and the photobiological safety of lamps and lighting (with reference to EN 62471). Their courses are presented in two locations, either at their laboratory in Cheltenham, or in the training facility at their sister company Pro-Lite in Cranfield, near Milton Keynes in Bedfordshire. Their trainers are both experts in their fields, but more importantly are considered to be gifted in presenting what can often be quite complex subjects in easily understood ways.

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