Artificial Lighting Design

iGuzzini 4
  • Lamps
  • Luminaires (including optics and luminaire design)
  • Controls
  • Emergency Lighting





iGuzzini carries out much of its research alongside some of the world's leading institutions like Harvard University and MIT. It then uses this material to construct thought provoking training material that explores new trends through the use of effects, projects and products. iGuzzini's training promises to allow you to 'touch light' and stay at the forefront of the lighting industry.

ZG Lighting (UK) Limited

The LED Link: bringing electronic excellence to architecture The acdc RIBA CPD presentation reviews:

  • what are LEDs and how have they evolved
  • how they can be integrated into projects
  • a guide to understanding LED specifications
  • Q&A

April Dorrian


Electrical Language and LED basics, colour, retrofit, applications and products, online at

Philips Lighting Saudi Arabia

Michael Santiago offers remote training in basics of lighting, DIALUX and road lighting.

W L Gore & Associates

They can train designers on condensation management / housing life cycles / pressure build up and the challenges in trying to achieve a high IP rating whilst maintaining a water tight seal. 

They will cover the impact the external environment has on luminaires once they have been installed and are in full operation.  Looking at Internal pressure build-up, contamination, water ingress, condensation and how to achieve the required IP rating.  Understanding how you can improve the life cycle of your luminaire and save costs by selecting a luminaire with longer life cycle, higher IP and less maintenance requirements.  The information shared within this session will be of benefit to luminaire designers/street lighting designers/councils/energy suppliers.

Susan Chambers