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Year Published - 2013

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The ILP have produced the world’s leading guidance on High Masts for over 30 years with the first edition of Technical Report (TR) 7 published in 1976. This valuable report has been updated through the years and continues to provide clear guidance and remains the key document for all involved with High Mast Lighting and for any other particular use.

The latest edition now renamed as Professional Lighting Guide (PLG) 07 covers safety, design, assembly, installation, inspection and maintenance of High Masts and replaces the current ILE TR07 report. It can be used as an industry standard for specifying purposes in the absence of any other specification.

The PLG has been revised following the publication of the Eurocodes including the windload method in BS EN 1991-1-4 and includes what is taken as the industry best current practice. The report has been substantially updated and enlarged to address all of the key factors. 

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