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tr23: lighting of cycle tracks  image

TR23: Lighting of Cycle Tracks

Cycling is expected to play an important, sustainable transport role in the future, particularly as an alternative to the car for short journeys. If this goal is to be achieved, then cycling must be seriously promoted as an around-the-clock means of transport, rather than just a daytime activity.

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tr24: practical guide to the development of a public lighting policy for local authorities image

TR24: Practical Guide to the Development of a Public Lighting Policy for Local Authorities

This guide sets out the basic principles and recommendations that should be adhered to when creating a public lighting policy. It covers all aspects of the provision and maintenance of public lighting.

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tr25: lighting for traffic calming features  image

TR25: Lighting for Traffic Calming Features

This report looks at the various forms of traffic calming used by highway safety engineers and gives guidance and recommendations on how these features should be illuminated.

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tr26: painting of lighting columns  image

TR26: Painting of Lighting Columns

This guide deals only with the most popular material, steel, its protection against corrosion and the aspects of painting the lighting column.

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tr30: guidance on the implementation of passively safe lighting columns and signposts image

TR30: Guidance on the Implementation of Passively Safe Lighting Columns and Signposts

Produced by designers for designers, this document cuts through much of the mystery shrouding the use of passively safe products, giving designers an easy-to-follow route from their initial design thoughts to the final selection of equipment in line with BS EN 12767 and BS EN 40.

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