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gp01: lamp replacement policy in local authority street lighting services  image

GP01: Lamp Replacement Policy in Local Authority Street Lighting Services

Evaluating lamp replacement policy is complex and involves the interplay of a number of costs, quality and service risk considerations - different lamp replacement policies have different consequences.

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gp02: laser, festival and entertainment lighting code image

GP02: Laser, Festival and Entertainment Lighting Code

This code of practice gives guidance on the design, installation, operation, maintenance and removal of laser systems, festive lighting and other forms of entertainment lighting equipment, so that they may be used safely and effectively.

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gp03: code of practice for electrical safety in highway electrical operations image

GP03: Code of Practice for Electrical Safety in Highway Electrical Operations

The 6th Edition of GP03 takes into account the current health and safety legislation, developments in British Standards such as BS7671 and other guidance since 2003.

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gp04: guide to fibre-optic and remote-source lighting  image

GP04: Guide to Fibre-Optic and Remote-Source Lighting

This guide, produced jointly with CIBSE-SLL, gives advice and information on the many concepts and applications within fibre-optic and remote-source lighting.

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gp05: appraising the use of remote monitoring and switching technology in street lighting services  image

GP05: Appraising the use of Remote Monitoring and Switching Technology in Street Lighting Services

Within the lighting industry we have seen many advances and developments in technology that have improved the standard and cost effectiveness of the street lighting services we provide.

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gp08: a practical guide to the procurement of street lighting projects through the private finance initiative image

GP08: A Practical Guide to the Procurement of Street Lighting Projects through the Private Finance Initiative

This guide sets out the principles and recommendations to consider when developing and procuring a local authority street lighting service through the Private Finance Initiative so that authorities may achieve best practice in this area.

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gp09: lighting the environment - a guide to good urban lighting image

GP09: Lighting the Environment - A Guide to Good Urban Lighting

Awareness of the benefits of lighting our Towns, Cities and Communities at night is growing. Lighting can both create an attractive nightscape and make places safer in which to work and live.

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gp10: safety during the installation and removal of lighting columns and similar street furniture in proximity to high voltage overhead lines image

GP10: Safety During the Installation and Removal of Lighting Columns and Similar Street Furniture in Proximity to High Voltage Overhead Lines

This publication, produced in conjunction with the Health and Safety Executive, provides additional guidance to Electricity Association Engineering Recommendation G39/1 "Model code of practice covering electrical safety in planning, installation, commissioning and

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gp12: towards understanding skyglow image

GP12: Towards Understanding Skyglow

Stray light from our towns and cities is illuminating the sky over great distances and is eradicating our enjoyment of night skies.

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lighting landscapes image


A Guide to Implementing Successful Lighting within the Public Realm

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