Asset-Management Toolkit: Minor Structures

Institution of Lighting Professionals Guidance Note 22, Asset-Management Toolkit: Minor Structures (ATOMS) is an important document for everyone who has a responsibility to manage highway assets in line with the UK Roads Liaison Group Well-managed highway infrastructure Code of Practice. 

This covers everyone who is responsible for lamp posts, traffic posts, traffic signal poles, signs, CCTV, WiFi, floral decorations or similar. This will include:

  • highways,
  • rail,
  • transportation,
  • navigable waterways, docks and harbours,
  • commercial or retail premises,
  • utility companies and the like.

When the Code of Practice was introduced it required changes in how highway authorities manage their highway assets. The focus is now asset condition assessment based and this prompted a step change in how lighting columns are assessed. The Institution of Lighting Professionals, working with the UK Lighting Board of the UK Roads Liaison Group, Highway Electrical Association and Transport for London have published GN 22, Asset-Management Toolkit: Minor Structures to help everyone who has a responsibility for such assets to effectively manage them in line with the CoP going forward. This document, written by WSP and Free4m, updates and supersedes ILP Technical Report 22 Managing a Vital Asset: Lighting Supports, which is now withdrawn.

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