During the ILP Summit, the Implementation Panel was formed and had their first meeting to start the process for the changes to take place for the regional review.

The panel consists of Kevin Grigg  (Chair), Tracey White (CEO), John Sutcliffe (YLP Vice Chair), Ian Clemetson (Vice Chair), Ray Clarkson (Vice Chair), David Jones (Vice Chair), Elizabeth Harrison (Vice Chair), Perry Hazell (Vice Chair), Michala Medcalf (Vice Chair) and Kevin Mooney (Vice Chair). All the Vice chairs will become the first LDC (Local Delivery Centre) Chair person. They have been chosen to represent the membership and help to develop the new structure for each centre. I must thank the group for their input during the first meeting which was very positive and some very good suggestions.

The group are meeting again on the 5 July at Rugby to look at specific Locations for the first meetings which will include CPD content, preferable dates, times, venues and social aspects.

If you have any input you would like to give regarding the changes, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Panel listed above.