5 July 2017

vice president membership development vacancy image

Jess Gallacher, ILP Operations Manager

As reported at the ILP AGM, Guy Harding has been appointed ILP Assistant Honorary Treasurer. He explains how this will open up an exciting new volunteer opportunity:

'I'm delighted to take up my new voluntary role as ILP Assistant Honorary Treasurer working alongside Fiona Horgan, ILP Honorary Treasurer. I will continue to chair ILP Membership Committee as I have done for the past four years, being responsible for membership applications, upgrades, procedures and compliance. A new role - Vice President Membership Development - is now available for all ILP members to apply for. This role will focus primarily on the recruitment of new members and the retention of existing members. I am proud of the work of the Membership Committee in the way that it operates, our audit results, and membership satisfaction. Having a Vice President who is able to focus on growing membership and engagement will be a great benefit to the ILP and help us to achieve even more in future. 

I'd like to thank my employer, Sill Lighting UK Ltd, for their support which enables me to help our profession of which we are all so proud.'

If you would like to apply or find out more about the Vice President Membership Development vacancy, please contact Membership Services Manager, Chantal O'Sullivan, by Thursday 27 July, at or call 01788 576492.