20 December 2017

Peter Harrison, ILP Technical Services Manager

The Institution of Lighting Professionals, Highway Electrical Association, UK Lighting Board and Transport for London have commissioned WSP and Free4m to undertake a complete review of TR22 to align the document to the latest asset management thinking and processes.

The brief is to look at the inspection and non-destructive testing of luminaire supports (columns and wall brackets – not high masts) from a fresh perspective. The approach is not to ignore TR22 but to look at what is required to understand the support structure going forward and how its operational life expectancy can be considered. This work will also recognise the requirements of the new Code of Practice ‘Well managed highway infrastructure’ which takes an asset management approach which comes into force in October 2018.

The funding partners would like the membership’s support in this work and would be interested to hear from any authority / asset owner organisations who have commissioned such work and would be willing to share these experiences with us to assist in the development of the new document. Perhaps some could be considered as exemplars for use as case studies and life cycle practices within the final document.

The new document will only be as good as the data we have to work with and we would welcome your active input to its development.

Those with information to share should contact Allan Howard at