17 July 2017

Jess Gallacher, ILP Operations Manager

Are you in London this Thursday (20th July) for our wonderful ILP evening 'How To Be Brilliant'? 90% of our audience is based nearby and heads across straight from work or studies, but if you are in that 10% making a special trip, here are a few ideas to extend your CPD itinerary:

None of these suggestions are organised by the ILP but they caught our eye as they all seem to have fascinating, useful, inspiring content. So if you like to make the most efficient use of your time, fill it with CPD!

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Here's a reminder of this month's HTBB fantastic talk:

Especially for students, interns, apprentices and new entrants to the lighting profession! The Institution of Lighting Professionals invites you to this FREE, fun, friendly evening talk held in Clerkenwell, London:

Archetypes of night: our lost stellar environment

by Colin Ball, Lighting Director BDP

Aspects of current physics are transforming our relationship with the night sky as powerfully as modern lighting is removing it. Centuries ago our ancestors and Gods looked down upon us nightly. Our relationship with mythic aspects of our deep psyche was triggered on a regular basis. This no longer occurs, yet culture was born from the desire for humans to represent themselves as stars. The roots of architecture are founded in sacred sites aligned to the sky.

Think of our heroes, from Orion and Hercules to Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter: whether their symbol shines from the heavens or a screen in a darkened room, the impact is there.

Colin will explain how the lighting work we do has a direct impact on this ancient relationship and what we should do to reconsider the value and meaning of light.


How To Be Brilliant is brought to you by the Institution of Lighting Professionals in collaboration with acdc lighting and Marshalls Design Space. Their generous support means we don't charge to attend.

Doors open at 6pm; the talk starts promptly at 6.30pm, followed by complimentary drinks. Doors close at 9pm.

Book your free place now before there are none left...