11 January 2018

spirit of htbb encapsulated in 2018 programme image

Jess Gallacher, Operations Manager

The ILP launch another exciting series of How To Be Brilliant (HTBB) talks, beginning on the 14th March in London in collaboration with acdc lighting. These events have proved immensely popular, and demand from membership and the lighting community have influenced the launch of this 2018 programme.

HTBB is the ILP’s free, fun and inclusive series of evenings. Designed for students, interns and junior members of staff, it is open to all from lighting or other allied disciplines. The events offer a warm welcome to anyone looking for some inspiration and expertise from more experienced lighting design professionals. In 2017, we had people attending from all parts of the world and from a wide range of backgrounds in different areas of lighting, as well as artists, architects, electricians, theatre staff, photographers and all sorts of other specialities.  As the ILP is a charity it is important our activities provide a public benefit. For HTBB, that is by inspiring and guiding people to provide better, more interesting or dramatic / exciting lighting for places our citizens use: from educational and medical facilities, to social and community places, working environments, and the outdoor public realm too.

Our 2018 speakers will talk about lighting in a way formal education doesn’t always cover, so alongside art and science do open your mind to delve into other worlds and subjects potentially including geography, religion, music, architecture, film, history, sociology, TV, fashion, festivals, astronomy, environmentalism, politics, psychology, theatre, well-being and who knows what else…

HTBB is brought to you by the Institution of Lighting Professionals in collaboration with acdc. Their generous support means we don’t charge to attend. 2018’s How To Be Brilliant evenings will begin on 14 March in London, at the Body and Soul Building on Rosebery Avenue just ten minutes’ walk from Farringdon station.

The first three speakers for 2018 will be –

14 March: Christopher Knowlton from 18 Degrees

25 April: Sally Storey from Lighting Design International

23 May: Lisa Hammond from Gravity Design Associates

Visit www.theilp.org.uk/brilliant for more information and details on how to book your free place. Follow HTBB events on twitter #ILPBrilliant.