26 April 2017

relevant for street lighters image

Ian Jones, ILP VP Highways

Vice President Highways welcomes Professional Lighting Summit CPD programme as 'relevant for street lighters'.

Do you work for a Local Authority (LA) or any type of Council run agency that is responsible for lighting in your City, Town or Parish? If the answer is yes and you or any members of your team haven’t attended an Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) Summit previously, or you have but not for a while then I would recommend and encourage you all to challenge your managers to realise the benefits and allow you to attend this year’s lighting summit in Glasgow, as I have.

Being the VP Highways representative for the ILP, which covers every aspect of lighting related to a LA lighting officer, from car park, architectural and main road street lighting to the installation of Christmas illuminations, it is my role to ensure that local authorities across the country are represented and this year’s programme is an excellent opportunity to enhance your lighting knowledge, provide you with a fantastic lighting experience and it includes the provision of valuable hours towards your continuing professional development. 

Click here to book your place at our CPD event of the year.