18 January 2017

Jess Gallacher, ILP Operations Manager

Regional Officers Meeting

The ILP Council and Executive Board have agreed to carry out a review of the ILP regional network and services to better serve and engage with our members.  This review will be carried out during 2017 and will involve comprehensive consultation with our full membership across all of our regions, as well as our elected Regional representatives.

The world of lighting professionals has changed significantly since the ILP regional network was established and the needs of our members has also evolved with new technologies and a changed political and economic environment.  The ILP also needs to evolve to better serve and support our membership throughout the UK.  The ILP Council and Executive Board have an ambition for the ILP to become an even more efficient and effective force, to develop the profession and to represent the interests of the members.

This review will explore ways of developing the regional network to provide improved support and engagement for members in the regions, as well as improving the services and benefits to membership.  The aim is to make the best use of the ILP’s resources, the talents of our members and provide better value and relevance for the membership subscription.

An independent consultant, specialising in regional networks for professional membership organisations, Richard Brindley of R Brindley Consult, has been appointed to facilitate this review.   

Regional Councillors are already aware of this review and today a meeting of Regional Officers takes place at Regent House to get the ball rolling with the ILP’s key stakeholders.