11 October 2017

lightscene - blue light event sparks discussion image

Jess Gallacher, Operations Manager

The ILP Midland Region, London & South East Region and Young Lighting Professionals group hosted an event looking at blue light, with 4 CPD sessions, 27 exhibitors and an audience of over 160.

The CPD talks covered specifying LEDs, rewards, risks, common misconceptions, dangers, colour temperature and lots of audience queries too.

Jess Gallacher, ILP Operations Manager reflects...

The ILP is an educational charity and it was a real pleasure for me to see so many people giving their time and attention to the CPD speakers. The ILP's purpose is to unite different skills to deliver quality lighting for the built environment and to achieve public benefit. In other words when we hold an event, we want people to share knowledge and then go out and light the world in a better way. Visitors have already been telling me how Lightscene played a part in helping them with this aim.

I was humbled to discover how much effort some of our visitors put in to being able to attend. We make events as accessible as possible but realise there are still hurdles with travel and time away from the workplace, especially for our local authority members. It puts into perspective how important these issues are for the lighting profession when someone tells you they took annual leave to come along and funded their own travel.

Lightscene has always been free for visitors to attend, thanks to the support of our exhibitors. Their commitment to the profession should be applauded - each stand was welcoming, good humoured and informative. Its been over a decade since I came up with the Lightscene brand and format, and I'm delighted that it is still as relevant as ever. Our thanks go to all the exhibitors, speakers, the Midlands Region, the London & South East Region, the YLP and of course the visitors.