26 April 2017

Richard Frost, ILP CEO

Institution Council approves regional review

The ILP Council has given in principle, approval to a new structure for the ILP regions. The landmark decision on 20th April follows 2 years of intensive discussion and consultation. 

The Council agrees that the regions have essentially operated in the same way for the last 50 years based on the boundaries of the 1972 local government act.

In an age of Twitter and Facebook, the regional organisation and means of communication have been thrown into sharp focus. The discussions were given a major impetus in January with the survey of members conducted by the consultant assisting the ILP, Richard Brindley. ILP members can click here to see the results.

At its meeting on 23rd February, the Council agreed that the survey provided not only a mandate but an imperative for change. At the April meeting, Council discussed an outline proposal for a new structure of local delivery hubs to ensure the deployment of quality CPD which has been identified as a key member need by the survey.

Alongside local hubs would be knowledge hubs to join up the remits of the Vice Presidents of the local hubs, to knit together a more co-ordinated delivery of CPD and technical knowledge. This would take the form of a national curriculum, developed by the Council and local hubs, to deliver core services to members.

Council felt that by removing a lot of cumbersome infrastructure, smaller groups of committed members would be more effective in delivering quality CPD.

Councillors were enthusiastic about the new proposals and gave in principle, approval. It is emphasised that this was a first shot and part of an inclusive and consultative process with the regions via the Regional Councillors.

The next phase of the process is discussions with the Vice Presidents and the working up of a more detailed plan for launch at the annual Professional Lighting Summit in June. A detailed implementation plan will then be worked up with regions over the summer with the aim of implementation in 2019.

Watch out for further details in the near future.