8 November 2016

Jess Gallacher, ILP Operations Manager

Thirty five ILP members have been specially selected to speak at LuxLive on 23 and 24 November 2016.

CPD speakers range from Past Presidents David McNair, Allan Howard and Mark Cooper through to brand new members, and many experts in between. 

Premier Corporate Members featured in the programme include Kingfisher Lighting, Stainton Lighting Design Services, CU Phosco, Urbis Schreder, Designs for Lighting and WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff. ILP Design Practice Members Nulty+ will be delivering two sessions and several Corporate Members are also contributing to the event.

CPD topics covered will include 

  • Lighting education roundtable
  • Is this Britan's best-lit office?
  • Designing into reality
  • Lighting experts answer your questions
  • More than illumination: how to brand your campus with light
  • Why lighting's a big headache - and how to fix it
  • Are LED tubes safe?
  • Sports lighting: going for gold
  • Why are we experimenting on school children?
  • Office lighting best practice: Berghaus
  • High street heroes: from Apple to Zara
  • Master of Light: Articulating Architecture
  • 10 store lighting tricks every retailer should know
  • SLL Masterclass, Lighters Question Time
  • The science behind lighting and dementia
  • Social lighting summit
  • Is human-centric lighting in offices ready for mass application?
  • The Bad Lighting Awards 2016
  • Urban lighting best practice: Stockton-on-Tees
  • Liability to profitability: turning streetlights from a cost burden into a strategic asset
  • Airport lighting best practice: Heathrow
  • Smart Cities: how lighting can make it happen
  • Transport and Rail: managed motorways - time to turn the lights on?
  • Smart Cities: the killer apps
  • Lighting on the rail network – how do we balance creativity against safety?
  • Tunnel lighting best practice: The Light Pool concept
  • Creativity in human-centric design
  • Pedestrian vision at night
  • Panel: the challenge of human-centric design
  • WEEE and the circular economy
  • Retail lighting hero: Lush

ILP CEO Richard Frost commented "It is brilliant to see the Institution making such a significant contribution to this year's LuxLive programme. The range and diversity of the CPD subjects being covered by our members goes to show that, whatever corner of the lighting world you are from, the ILP is your natural home."

For more on the LuxLive programe please click here.