21 November 2018

ilp supports members by explaining freedom of information request process image

Haydn Yeo, ILP VP Technical

ILP supports members by explaining Freedom of Information request process

The Institution of Lighting Professionals is aware of a number of Freedom of Information requests to several Lighting Authorities requesting largely technical information regarding their LED and Central Management Systems (CMS). CMS is used by some Councils to monitor and control their street lighting from the central computer system, usually located in the Council's offices, by radio signals.

To support their members, the ILP Technical Committee has written a document that explains the Standards upon which specifications for such equipment such as luminaires, CMS and radio frequency limitations they operate at.

ILP Vice President Technical, Haydn Yeo, explains: “the purpose of the ILP is to help unite the skills of engineering, design and technology in order to deliver quality lighting for the built environment and to achieve public benefit. As Vice President – Technical, I hope that this information is useful to our members. We don’t seek to suppress any debate into what some believe to be contentious issues, merely to supply a consistent, meaningful response.”

The document can be found here: FOI letter from ILP Vice President Technical

For more information please contact VP Technical Haydn Yeo on