8 July 2019

illuminated river - the tv show image

Jess Gallacher, ILP Engagement and Communications Manager

The ILP is one of the supporters of Illuminated River, set to be the longest public art project in the world when 15 of London’s bridges over the Thames are lit. Some of our members have been given the once in a lifetime chance to experience the development of this first hand, supporting the artist as he programmes the lights. It’s a great way to demonstrate the power of light in transforming our places and providing the public with a work of art they can enjoy for years to come.

If you would like to know more about the project, we recommend watching the Channel 4 documentary London’s Great Bridges: Lighting the Thames - 

Being involved with this project has given the ILP a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about the importance of lighting and we are very pleased to see this on primetime television.