13 September 2017

Richard Frost, ILP CEO

Further to an appeal to the entire membership seeking expressions of interest in the new post of Vice President Membership Development, the ILP is pleased to announce that Glen Warner of Ringway Jacobs has been appointed to the post following due process of interview.

CEO Richard Frost states that the new post was created in the light of Vice President Membership, Guy Harding’s election to the Executive Board as Assistant Honorary Treasurer in June adding that Guy will retain the post of Chair of the Membership Committee dealing with the structural aspects of membership applications and Engineering Council registration.

This, he added, identified a pressing need for a Vice President to address membership recruitment and retention strategies which Glen will start to address over the coming weeks.

Glen said “I am very pleased to be joining the Vice Presidential Team and look forward to working with them to develop and progress the work of the Institution as it gears up for the challenges of the future”.