13 September 2017

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Jo Wilkins, ILP Operations Assistant

We are pleased to announce the CPD talks for our 'Blue Light' event in Northampton next month.

The Lightscene: blue light and colour temperature event will be held on 5 October at Northampton Saints Rugby Ground and will include the following FREE to attend CPD seminars:

Alan Grant, DW Windsor Specifying LEDs - the rewards and risks (*A NEW PAPER*)

A paper that looks at current research regarding correlated colour temperature, the effects on our circadian rhythm and how to mitigate for the perceived (blue light) risks.


Neil Haigh, Blueside Photonics Ltd - Blue light danger 'edges'?

Where do the 'danger edges' lie for blue light? Neil will explore blue light hazard for the lighting industry.

He will look at:

  • worker safety making, testing designing LED fittings
  • servicing and maintenance issues
  • speciality; lighting with enhanced violet and blue light output deployed in the application


Ryan Carroll, Designs for Lighting - Colour temperature – what are the issues? You decide!

Join in an interactive session to discuss the hot topic of colour temperature in LED street lighting, featuring live examples of the available options currently on the market. The team will discuss the issues in choosing between cool, neutral and warm white colour temperature and will be inviting you as the audience to tell them your preference with a live poll on screen. During the presentation, they will provide a general overview of the science behind colour temperature and how we see light. They will then begin the interaction with the use of sources with differing colour temperature and begin the live audience question feedback. Bring your smartphone to use the free interaction app!



Nathan French, ASD Lighting Specifying LED luminaires, things you all know. Don’t we? 

With large scale capital investment LED programmes being common place in the UK, this paper looks at things all specifiers know!!!

Taking it back to basics from the foundations of reducing carbon emissions, through to how to maximise the life of the LED from manufacture through to installation and driver changes.

Absolute photometry, and luminaire design features and why they are important when selecting lighting solutions.


Visitor places are FREE and can be booked in advance by clicking on the GOLD button below. Advanced bookings will entitle you to FREE refreshments & lunch. 

You don't need to be an ILP member to come along; there is a warm welcome for everyone at this event hosted by the ILP Midland and London & South Eastern Regions along with the YLP.

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