20 June 2018

operations manager gives a few words on the success of the summit image

Jess Gallacher, ILP Operations Manager

Things I lost sleep about before the Professional Lighting Summit 2018...

1. Will I be hung, drawn and quartered for inviting Alejandro Sanchez de Miguel to speak on 'Blue light and the breast & prostate cancer connection'? Answer: no. In fact, it got everyone talking, all for the same purpose, to make sure that citizens get the great lighting that they deserve, and I got a great email later saying '[the] papers selected were stunning in identifying wider issues in delivery. The ILP at its best doing what it should be doing, informing , educating and encouraging wider thinking strategy.'. Phew.

2. Is it too complex a jigsaw that we are providing? With different streams for main CPD sessions, workshops, an exhibition, social networking elements and advice on membership upgrades too, will we be spread too thin? Again I needn't have worried. I have a cracking team around me and we had it all covered. In the words of Family Fortune voiceover guy, Our Survey Said: 'It has all the ingredients of a great event, professional technical input, many items of interest on stands, great entertainment and a great opportunity to meet fellow friends and make many new ones within the industry'. Double phew.

3. And finally, what shall we do for the Professional Lighting Summit 2019? Now we have an even higher bar. Pass me the lavender someone...

With dynamic delegates, scintillating CPD sessions, exceptional exhibitors and super sponsors, it really was our best & most popular event to date! We’ve heard nothing but good things with one delegate saying 'it always recharges my enthusiasm for lighting'.

We can't wait to start planning for next year :)

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