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Marshalls plc is the UK’s leading hard landscaping company. We have achieved this status through progressive product innovation and by demonstrating outstanding service levels to our customers. This privileged position will be sustained by continuous investment in our brand, our products, and our people. 

Our environment impacts everything we do. The better our environment, the better we can be. At Marshalls, our aim is to create opportunities for better spaces for all, in our homes, streets, schools, offices and retail spaces. The Marshalls product range is designed around inspiring others to imagine better and create exceptional landscapes for all to enjoy. 

As part of the Marshalls family, our wide-ranging Landscape Furniture and Lighting product and support offering is already playing a role in helping to create better spaces. Our Lighting range encapsulates innovative design and technical precision. Working with our exclusive lighting partners, Aubrilam, Bega, Eclatec and Neri, as well as own in house manufactured ranges, Marshalls can provide solutions that ensure photometric performance is maximised and light pollution is minimised by focusing light where it is needed and using the latest energy efficiency technologies.

Whatever the size of your project, our in-house lighting team can help you to create distinctive, attractive places while addressing the requirements for functional street lighting. Marshalls’ close collaboration with architects, product designers, lighting designers and engineers is evident in a project’s aesthetic beauty as well as our technical excellence. 

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