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ILP Premier Membership-FAQs

1.     What’s the difference between Premier and Corporate membership?

Premier membership offers the same discount structure to members ie 5% on and above a minimum of four individuals for the fee and the same use of the ILP logo (but ILP Premier logo instead ) for marketing purposes.

It also offers a whole host of further marketing benefits and industry participation for companies looking to promote their business to the ILP audiences, namely: 

  • Hosting a CPD presentation at ILP events.
  • Promotion of CPD material in the newsletter.
  • Advertorial presence in the LJ-half page every year (normal cost of £600)
  • A £500 voucher package redeemable on ILP services and events.
  • An opportunity to contribute to the bi-annual ILP technical and education agendas hosted by the VPs.

It is a highly cost effective marketing package to support Premier members. 4 members would normally cost £656 joining fee, plus a £500 voucher, plus £600 worth of advertorial space= £1756. The overall fee is £1900 with the above mentioned additional services on offer.


2.     What price do we pay if we join mid year?

There is an offer for 2015/2016 launch period of ‘free’ remaining months for 2015 as part of 2016 membership. Thereafter ie 2017 the pricing will be pro rata, based on calendar year.

3.     Does this replace the old PIPS scheme?

This is not a replacement scheme. PIPs was a sponsorship scheme whereas Premier is an enhanced membership scheme. The PIPs scheme is no longer available.

4.     What about Gold membership?

Gold membership ceased to exist a number of years ago. Premier membership is a better value scheme for members, more industry focused.

5.     You call this a live scheme-what does that mean?

The scheme will be subject to annual review and will develop alongside industry needs.

6.     When was Premier membership launched?

September 23rd 2015 at the ILP Summit.

7.     When will we start receiving the benefits of the scheme?

As soon as we’ve received your signed contract and payment.

8.     What if we haven’t got 4 members to sign up?

Your company can still sign up but the price will remain the same. You can add a further member or members later in the year inclusive of the original membership fee.

9.     How do I found out further information or more details about the scheme?

Full details are available within the contract details on the website or please call the team at the ILP on 01788 576492.

10.     What happens if we forget to redeem our voucher during the year?

The voucher expires at the end of the year period but you will receive a reminder of the expiry period. 

11.     When will I receive the logo and how can I use it?

As soon as we’ve received your signed contract and payment. We will include the guidelines on how to use the ILP logo.

12.     What happens if one of my staff members leaves?

This member can be substituted by another staff member, if available.

13.     Which members of my company are eligible for joining the scheme?


14.     Do I need to be a Corporate member before joining as Premier member?


15.     What membership benefits will my staff receive as new ILP members?

In addition to Premier benefits you can refer to benefits on joining on this link:

16.     We’re based outside of the UK, are we still entitled to join the scheme?


17.     Does the scheme also apply to Young Lighting Professionals (YLP)?