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The Institution unites the skills of engineering, design and technology to deliver quality lighting for the built environment and public benefit.

In setting and establishing standards for good practice, the Institution seeks to ensure that its members attain and develop the professional knowledge, education and skills to meet necessary competencies and to enhance their careers.

Working on exterior and interior projects and in public spaces and in workplace, leisure, retail and residential applications, members of the Institution deliver excellence in light and lighting, a quality which is recognised by both private and public sectors.

As a member of the ILP you will benefit from an organisation that creates an environment for initial and continuing professional development and international recognition of your personal professional competence.


There is something about the ILP that gets into your blood and I think it must be about passion for the job. I have always felt proud to be a Lighting Professional, to belong to an Institution like the ILP and to have responsibility for the environment in which we all live.