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All welcome to our next event

Lighting CPD at the Think Tank Planetarium, 31 July 2019:

This is the local ILP Birmingham branch 'showcase event' of the year and we've made it one for everyone who is curious and interested in lighting, the universe, and everything. 

The reason for choosing the Planetarium is to show a link between light and the environment and our solar system; how light is created, distributed and measured.

Michala Medcalf, Chair, has shared one of her all-time favourite pictures to help explain the concept behind this event. It’s by Joseph Wright, a Derby lad, and is called the Orrery; it is so captivating. It shows the experienced Joseph overseeing his work with his apprentices whilst engaging with children, the future of science and understanding. The kids’ faces say it all: one picture, so much information, can say so much. Click on the ticket link to see if you agree!

Join us in our day of curiousity; a show of the universe lit up in all its glory, quality CPD papers and reflections on the environment.

10.00     Registration

13.00     Lunch

13.45     Planetarium

14.15     Explore museum (open until 5pm)

15.00     Expected finishing time


As a charity we aim to unite the skills of design, tech and engineering towards a better lit world. We make no profit. Wherever possible we provide free CPD; this particular event carries a fee which covers refreshments.

Speakers include:



    Ryan Carroll

    Designs for lighting - Lighting to protect the environment

    Allan Howard

    WSP - Code of Practice

    Dan Oakley

    South Downs National Park - Dark Skies

    Nigel Townsend

    Urbis -  A good night's sleep - blue light

    Nic Winter

    TRT Lighting - Glare

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