11.10 Wednesday 14 June

Why Dark Sky?

by Steve Anderson IEng MILP Hon IPrimEng

Steve Anderson will draw upon his 30 years of experience in lighting to discuss the impact that LED lighting is having on the environment. He will use real life examples of where LED luminaires have had positive or detrimental effects on the environment and the public. The industry is using science and statistics to create a product that can often be used in a “rule of thumb design”. This leads to badly lit schemes, glare, and intrusive light amongst other issues. Steve believes the way forward is to use a qualified lighting designer to get the best out of this new technology. To put light where it is needed and desired. To create the correct ambience by use of CCT, CRI and Optics.

The title of the paper alludes to the changes that our children (and grandchildren) will see in the next 20/30 years. We must get it right now so that they can get to see the night sky in all its majesty and get a sense of perspective. My work in schools as a Stemnet ambassador highlights one of the many problems faced by schools which is poor sleep patterns causing behavioural issues. Well designed lighting in the right place can be part of a plan to remedy this.


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