13.30 Thursday 15 June

Smart Lighting goes Smart City - How can Standards Increase Independence of Cities?

by Brian McGuigan

Professional management of street lighting control systems is the first step towards Smarter Cities and reducing energy consumption. A standardized management interface for street lighting networks, luminaire controllers and other smart city applications enables interoperability and futureproofs the systems. 

Today cities face many challenges on the way to become smart cities, including to make sure that they decide for state-of-the-art technology when developing a large variety of public services ranging from outdoor lighting over parking and waste management to E-Mobility and many other applications. Most of these services are long-term investments and will be in use for decades. Besides trying to foster competition and negotiate the best pricing, public purchasers prefer to invest in open systems to guarantee continued access to future-proof solutions and to avoid vendor lock-in. Leading cities are increasingly looking to select interoperable solutions across their systems. 

Founded in 2012, the TALQ Consortium is establishing a globally accepted standard for management software interfaces to control and monitor heterogeneous outdoor lighting networks. The new TALQ interface is a specification for information exchange, suitable for implementation in various products and systems. This way interoperability between Central Management Systems (CMS) and Outdoor Lighting Networks (OLN) from different vendors will be enabled, such that a single CMS can control different OLNs in different parts of a city or region. In 2016 TALQ decided to open up its scope to standardizing interfaces for wider smart city applications. 

Major Outcomes:

- Potential of intelligent outdoor lighting and smart city solutions for the environment and society

- How to increase flexibility while decreasing operational costs

- Why smart cities have more transparency

- The benefits of an industry standard for industry and municipalities/customers 


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