13.50 Thursday 15 June

Residential electric vehicle charging - utilising the common street light

by Knut Hechtfischer MBA and Greg Edwards

Ubitricity founder Knut Hechtfischer will describe a unique and innovative solution developed for residential on-street electric vehicle charging.  This solution transforms the common street light into an instantly available electric vehicle charging point for those with on-street parking.  At a time when electric vehicle adoption is increasing across the country, it is widely recognised that not everyone has access to a garage or even a driveway.  This issue is particularly prevalent in major cities such as London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, etc. Street lighting however is available throughout most urban residential areas, offering a potential solution. In addition, columns fitted with charging points could also offer potential future revenue streams to cash strapped councils and can also tie in with future smart city initiatives. 

Greg Edwards from the London Borough of Hounslow will share his experience of their trial with the Ubitricity charging solution via the magic of video.  Hounslow was the very first authority in the UK to trial this approach to residential electric vehicle charging. Greg will explain the journey Hounslow have been on, from funding options, resident feedback, organic growth of the trial, technical issues, planning advantages, working with a PFI provider, and more.


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