12.10 Thursday 15 June

Exploding new technology myths

by Nigel Parry IEng FILP MSLL

The Lighting industry has been through a revolution in the last few years with LED technology taking over from HID lamp sources and although better understood now than they were five years ago, we have seen a general uncertainty arise around a number of topics. In a reaction to this lack of understanding we now witness, as a suggested part of tender submissions, questions being asked that were never asked of HID solutions, these were posed when LED street lighting technology was developing. For example, whether the colour shift was 3, 4 or 5 macadam ellipses was perhaps pertinent a few years ago in relation to how the LEDs would perform, yet the industry was never to bothered when Son lamps changed their colour appearance and colour rendering properties within their relatively short life. With the maturing LED technology are they really still appropriate to be asked and what should the buyer really be asking instead? 

This talk will look to explore these areas and clarify in simple terms the reality. Topics covered will include maintenance factors, the use of constant light output, control of glare and explore the use of drivers in the lanterns – basically the weakest link. 

It will finally look at areas of research required to further our confidence in using the new technology and the wider lighting research being carried out by the CIE.


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