Lighting for good

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Lighting for good – 16 May 2017

an inspiring ILP event 

How can you help people and do something positive in this world?

Does your career benefit the public? Could it, and should it?

How should we, the lighting community, use our skills and technology to contribute to a better world, one year before the UNESCO International Day of Light?

This is what we explored during a friendly evening packed with talks and displays.

Huge thanks to all the speakers, activities, and Marshalls Design Space.... and of course to all our attendees. We asked 'would you recommend events like this to a colleague?' and the feedback was a resounding 100% yes. Comments included:

  • Of course, it's informative whilst also being interesting
  • Yes, because of the variety of approaches gathered on a same theme.
  • I would fully recommend and support. Talking about topics such as this one, that are not usually discussed in the industry makes the lighting design and lighting community in general grow and improve. The high profile of the people present - in addition to the speakers also Alan Tulla, Mark Ridler, etc. - is a confirmation . Hearing the point of view or the stories of well established and experienced designers inspires and motivates the younger or smaller practices like ours
  • Great networking opportunity.
  • The events are interesting & informative and it's a great opportunity to meet new people in the industry
  • 100% they're educational and good chance to catch up with people from the industry
  • Yes. It is important to mix and share experiences and ideas with other lighting professionals
  • Yes,events like this are an important part of continuous development

What a fantastic way to mark the pre-anniversary of the UNESCO International Day of Light!