light, time and health: the feedback image

Feedback from attendees has been pouring in following the ILP International Year of Light Lecture.

Light, time and health: from biology to architecture was delivered to a packed Royal Institution by Professor Russell Foster on Wednesday 10 June 2015

The enthusiasm for this topic was evident in the attendees queuing down London's Albemarle Street to get into the venue. Discussion continued after the event to the extent that staff had to close the doors despite many lighting professionals keen to continue networking.

One attendee commented on LinkedInthanks to Professor Russell Foster for truly informative, interesting and even entertaining talk last night on the biology behind circadian rhythm, its importance, and the key role light has to play in controlling it.

Others took to twitter to remark on the quality and refreshing nature of the lecture: 

The most enjoyable part of  talk, was the absence of perspective.No "how cool is that" blurb.Only facts.Congrats for a great event. ... Lecture last night was fantastic ... 

Slides from the presentation are available for ILP members, and the event will be written up in September's Lighting Journal. In due course a video may be available and information on this will be given to all ILP members. 

Anyone who is not a current ILP member can join the Institution instantly online to prevent missing out.