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The Glass Room, Merchiston Campus, Edinburgh Napier University


Eventbrite - HOW TO BE BRILLIANT EDINBURGH with Malcolm Innes

Especially for students, interns, apprentices and new entrants to the lighting profession! The Institution of Lighting Professionals invites you to this FREE, fun, friendly evening talk in Edinburgh


A Talk about charles Rennie Mackintosh: Lighting Designer 

PRESENTED BY kevan shaw, DESIGN director at ksld

Kevan Shaw says ‘I have now travelled in Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s footsteps twice to recreate the original lighting in the construction of his competition winning “House for an Art Lover” and currently in the restoration of the fire damaged Glasgow School of Art. While he is recognised as an epoch changing architect, interior designer and furniture designer, his lighting has been relegated to the decorative nature of some of the light fitting designs.

Coming to his work with the eyes of a lighting designer I find that there is much more thought in the designs than the simple decorative aspects. The research undertaken for the GSA project has opened up a great deal of material that informs the design and building process as well as correspondence showing elements of the relationships between architect, client and engineer.

The GSA was built in 2 phases, the first completed in 1899 and was an early adoption of electric light in an education building. The second phase completed in 1910 was influenced by the first major change in lamp technology from Carbon filament to metal filament.

This talk will show specific examples of CRM’s lighting design and illustrate from the research undertaken the working methods of the period. It will also illustrate parallels between practice today and in the period. I will also demonstrate the research methods and outcomes as well as methods being developed to re-create a historic lighting scheme from a century ago in the 21st century. Issues relating to historic and current task lighting levels will be discussed and hopefully demonstrated.’

Join Kevan and become part of the How To Be Brilliant Edinburgh community on Wednesday 28 November.

Hope you can make it!

FREE to attend, FRIENDLY and ALL welcome!

Eventbrite - HOW TO BE BRILLIANT EDINBURGH with Malcolm Innes

How To Be Brilliant is brought to you by the Institution of Lighting Professionals in collaboration with acdc lighting. Their generous support means we don’t charge to attend.

Doors open at 6pm; the talk starts at 6.30pm, accompanied and followed by complimentary drinks. Doors close at 9pm.

Eventbrite - HOW TO BE BRILLIANT EDINBURGH with Malcolm Innes