LET Diploma in Lighting

The Lighting Education Trust’s Diploma in Lighting

The Lighting Education Trust (LET) Diploma is a qualification covering lighting as a whole. The syllabus for the distance-learning course leading to the award of The Lighting Diploma was determined and agreed by an Accreditation Committee. This committee comprises representatives of the Institution of Lighting Professionals, the Royal Institution of British Architects, the Society of Light and Lighting and the International Association of Lighting Designers together with other specialists in the field of lighting.

The CD-ROM based course, run in association with London South Bank University, is designed to be suitable for both those wanting to concentrate on ‘Lighting’ as a subject and profession as well as those wishing to add ‘Lighting’ to other professional qualification(s) they hold. A holistic approach has been adopted throughout the course.

Although exterior lighting is covered, the breadth and depth of the coverage in respect of road lighting is insufficient to meet the requirements of the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma. For those students wishing to achieve a qualification covering the whole area of lighting practice the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma augments and complements the LET Lighting Diploma.

The syllabus includes:

  • Vision and nature of light – the eye and psychology of seeing
  • Lighting units and terminology – data presentation and analysis of visual tasks, effect of material and surface texture on light flow
  • Light sources (daylight and artificial), daylight factor, light production, lamps, control gear, spectral distribution, colour appearance and rendering, lamp efficiency
  • Luminaire design and photometry
  • Window design 
  • Lighting design:
    • Interior (including general and daylight, display, effect etc.)
    • Exterior (including an overview of road, area and decorative)
  • Physical modelling in an artificial sky
  • Computer calculations and virtual reality modelling
  • Five one day workshop tutorials
    • Fundamentals A: vision/lighting units/calculations/photometry
    • Fundamentals B: lamps/colour/glare
    • Interior Lighting Design
    • Daylight & Window Design
    • Exterior Lighting Design

Please apply direct to LET. Details including costs and Application form are on the LET website.

Contact details:

+44 (0)20 8772 3622/7