Volunteer: Christiane Krum

Christiane is an Architect specialized in Lighting Design and MSc in Civil Engineering at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Since 2011, Christiane is a co-founder and owner of Ilumine. By providing specialized knowledge in lighting design, she develops projects and delivers solutions to major residential and commercial clients. Besides that, Chris gives technical advice to other architects and interior designers as well as teaches students and professionals at hands-on workshops and lectures.

Her passion and interest about lighting made her recently move to London to broaden her knowledge at UK´s largest multidisciplinary Faculty of the Built Environment (Bartlett) at University College London. Chris is currently enrolled in the MSc Light and Lighting while explores the world’s centre for architectural lighting and participates in main events, congresses and fairs within the lighting industry.

“Being part of the ILP Illuminated River group is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Watch and assist Leo Villareal painting with light some of the most important London's bridge will be remarkable!” 

Christiane Krum, Co-founder and owner of Ilumine

Illuminated River Volunteer: Christiane Krum