Volunteer: Shivank Bhatia

I am an innovative lighting professional who has been working in the lighting industry for the past five years. Though my role was just to supply the right equipment for the designers and architects to beautify their design, the equipment with their design would totally change the course of the project. This motivated me to begin my own venture Divine Illumination and after successfully working on major projects, I decided to pursue my masters in Lighting from the Bartlett. Throughout my studies the ILP’s support has been incredible and they have been enlightening us with the nuances of the industry.

Getting involved with the Illuminated River project is another platform provided by the ILP to be part of such an esteemed project and assisting the worlds greatest light artist is invaluable experience.

Shivank Bhatia, Student at UCL

Illuminated River Volunteer: Shivank Bhatia