Volunteer: Motheo Ramphele

Motheo Ramphele is a practising lighting designer with a background in Structural Engineering. He first started studying Structural Engineering with a particular interest in architectural structures and space. After completing an undergraduate degree and working in the Built Environment for several years, Motheo had a growing interest in lighting. Specifically, with how people interact with lit environments and the broad range of opportunities, to intervene in the lived experience, using the medium of light.

Working on the Illuminated River Project is a highlight in Motheo’s young lighting design career. Public art pieces created by artists/designers such as James Turrell (Illuminated River judge) and Leo Villareal (Illuminated River winning applicant) were significant influences in Motheo’s decision to transition from Structural Engineering to Lighting Design. As a consequence, the opportunity for Motheo to be involved in the project first-hand is an opportunity to be valued.

Motheo Ramphele, ARUP

Illuminated River Volunteer: Motheo Ramphele