Volunteer: Giovanbattista Cannella

Giovanbattista is currently a lighting designer in the architectural lighting team at WSP based in London. During the course of his Master program in lighting and work experience in the lighting industry, he has been exposed to a broad range of theoretical and practical aspects of lighting design, with a special focus on the new lighting technology and human feeling. Giovanbattista has been involved in different projects as rail, hospitality, urban realm, art and cultural heritage, demonstrating a wealth of technical and creative expertise.

What light means for me and why I joined the project:

Light is a marriage of technology, design, art, architecture, science, physics, nature, utopia…a lighting designer should be a passionate dreamer, a futuristic visionary, a tireless explorer, always looking for new perspectives. Light in both its natural and artificial form can transform and mould the space itself, enhancing and reducing its spatial character and volume, changing our mood without noticing.

The future is light, future is now.

Giovanbattista Cannella, Lighting Designer, WSP

Illuminated River Volunteer: Giovanbattista Cannella