Volunteer: Chloe Martina Salvi

I recently graduated with an MA in Lighting Design from Edinburgh Napier University and transitioned into Lighting from Photography and Filmmaking. I am particularly interested in the emotional and storytelling abilities of lighting and how they can be applied to the built environment to enhance awareness and engagement. I am also passionate about research and the ways in which lighting can affect wellbeing through mindful design, dynamic lighting control and access to daylight. My latest projects investigate the use of sensors to provide experiences of wonder, playfulness and connection.

I am thrilled to be part of the ILP Illuminated River Group and to be able to assist Leo Villareal in this creative lighting design for the river Thames. There are so many aspects to the project that offer invaluable learning opportunities such as the research on existing ecological and urban lighting environments to provide a positive impact on the river, the engineering solutions tailored to the specific bridge’s structures and the creative use of applied smart lighting networks between the many bridges. I am really looking forward to participating in this exciting project. 

Chloe Martina Salvi, Graduate Lighting Designer

Illuminated River Volunteer: Chloe Martina Salvi   Illuminated River Volunteer: Chloe Martina Salvi 2