Volunteer: Barry Crook

Barry Crook is a lighting designer for the independent lighting consultancy it does Lighting Ltd. Barry combines his passion of conceptualising ideas, gained through the study of graphic and product design, with his passion for light and shade. With over five years of photographical experience, he has become adept in the use of light and dark to create emotionally inspiring scenes.

At the ripe old age of 39, and with no previous direct experience or qualifications in lighting, Barry was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to begin a career in a field he has become incredibly passionate about. The following 20 months has been a whirlwind of learning and hard work, with Barry being keen to make up for lost time and become a competent, creative lighting designer who can be respected and accepted by peers and fellow professionals within the lighting industry. Since entering the industry Barry has completed the ILP’s exterior lighting diploma, with distinction, and has recently enrolled for an HND in Lighting Design and Technology, which he hopes to progress to BSc (Hons). Much of the learning has been work based, with Barry being involved in projects which include; S278 and S39 road lighting, amenity lighting, interior lighting, emergency lighting, building facades and lighting of art, amongst many others.

‘Since joining the industry I have been incredibly lucky to be involved in a diverse range of projects, which have given me a passion to learn every aspect of lighting possible, from the creative to the technical. This unique opportunity afforded by the ILP will broaden my spectrum of learning even wider and will hopefully open my eyes to new possibilities and potential for the use of creative lighting, as well as the technical and practical skills needed to realise such a vision.’

Barry Crook, Lighting Designer, it does Lighting

Illuminated River Volunteer: Barry Crook