Please see below, list of all our brilliant speakers for the HTBB series so far: 

Speakers for HTBB 2014 

March – John B Read, consultant lighting designer – Lighting for dance

April – Colin Ball, BDP – Lighting design interviews

May – Lee Sweetman, Speirs + Major – Sketching & communication

July – Paul Nulty, Paul Nulty Lighting Design – Portfolios

Sept – David Atkinson, David Atkinson Lighting Design – Diversity in light

Oct – Joe Vose, Light Bureau – Photometrics, lightmeters and lux levels – the language of light

Nov – Iain Ruxton, Speirs + Major – How to be brilliant at everything


Speakers for HTBB 2015 

Feb – Florence Lam, Arup – Teamwork

March – Michael Grubb, Michael Grubb Studio – Creative Thinking

April – Neil Knowles, Elektra Lighting – Hospitality

May – Rebecca Weir, Light IQ – The Languages of Light: A creative approach to residential lighting

June – James Siddle, Ideaworks – Moving from Classroom to Client

July – Paul Traynor, Light Bureau – Lighting for mental health

Sept – Ray Molony, Revo Media – Getting into the lighting press

Oct – James Newton, James Newton Photographs – The Why, Where & When of Photographing Lighting

Nov – Tim Downey, StudioFRACTAL – Mind the Gap – Why we see with our hearts and minds more than our eyes


Speakers for HTBB 2016

April – Dominic Harris, Cinimod Studio – Designing into reality

May – Paul James, mondo arc – How to get your work featured in the press

July – Peter Veale, Firefly Lighting Design – Restaurant lighting design

Sept – Lee Barker-Field, Aecom Lighting – Lighting for large spaces

Oct – Filip Vermeiren, Inverse Lighting Design – Contrast in lighting

Nov – Jonathan Rush AND TEAM, Hoare Lea Lighting – Be brilliant at a day in the life of Hoare Lea Lighting



April – Peter Pritchard, Pritchard Themis - How to be Brilliant at Lighting for Sculpture

May – Tony Rimmer, Studio 29 - How to be Brilliant at Exterior Lighting

July – Colin Ball, BDP - How to be Brilliant - Archetypes of night: our lost stellar environment

Sept – Jonathan Howard, DHA Designs - How to be Brilliant at Lighting Bowie

Oct – Simon Thorp, LAPD Lighting Design - How to be Brilliant at Lighting Design: A Reflection

Nov – Graham Rollins & Ingo Kalecinski, GNI Projects - How to be Brilliant with Smoke & Mirrors



March – Christopher Knowlton, 18 Degrees - Crafting the intangible

April – Colin Ball, BDP - The Darkness of the Unconscious

May – Lisa Hammond, Gravity Design - External Lighting: Country House to Powerhouse

Sept – Rebecca Hutchison, John Cullen Lighting - Inspirational lighting design for the home

Oct – EDINBURGH – Malcolm Innes, Edinburgh Napier University - True colours: explorations in art, design and research

Oct – LONDON – Lauren Lever, Light iQ - The good, the bad and the ugly ... of office lighting

Nov – EDINBURGH – Kevan Shaw, KSLD - A talk about Charles Rennie Mackintosh: Lighting Designer

Nov – LONDON – Magdalena Gomez, Elektra Lighting Design - Light, Colour and Space


March – EDINBURGH – Laura Phillips, Arup - The role of Lighting Design in 'Placemaking'

March – LONDON – Luke Edwards, Cue Design - Designing lighting for music shows/concerts

April – LONDON – Linda Salamoun, Steensen Varming - The story of light

May - LONDON - John Bullock, The Light Review - Life is what happens…