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The Institution of Lighting Professionals has arranged a series of events supporting people in the early part of their lighting career. Successful senior lighting designers have agreed to share their time and expertise with students, juniors and new entrants to the profession, to demonstrate things that aren’t always taught on traditional courses and will inspire, support and encourage the next generation.

How To Be Brilliant 2019, sponsored by Zumtobel, is a set of free to attend, fun, friendly evening sessions held in London and Edinburgh. They are open to all, with an emphasis on allowing less experienced students and staff to meet renowned industry experts face to face in a confidence-building atmosphere of encouragement and inclusion. All the sessions include Continuous Professional Development time.

London sessions:

  • Arfon Davies and Nicola Rigoni from Arup will cover 'Daylight and Experience' on 19 September within darc room at London Design Fair
  • Neil Knowles, Director and founder of Elektra Lighting Design, will cover circadian lighting on 23 October at Body & Soul on Rosebery Avenue
  • Colin Ball and Lora Kaleva, Senior Lighting Designers at BDP, will close the series on 20 November, with ‘The Colour Blue’ at Body & Soul on Rosebery Avenue

There are more Edinburgh sessions in development, with a similarly eclectic mix of people and topics. These will be announced soon.


19 september, LONDON, 5-6pm

arfon davies and nicola rigoni, arup

will present together at a special session taking place within darc room, part of London Design Fair.

Daylight & Experience

Daylight is the light of choice. It plays a vital role in maintaining our health and wellbeing and connects us to our environment through its ever changing colour, intensity and directionality. Our understanding of the physiological impact of daylight, in particular its effectiveness in circadian entrainment, continues to progress, and is the focus of much discussion and debate. In this presentation we will explore beyond energy and wellbeing, and consider daylight as an experience. How we can move beyond the two-dimensional, arithmetic approach to daylight design, towards an approach where we consider the subjective responses to daylight within our design process. The presentation will consider how the unique qualities of daylight can be characterised, with the aim of using daylight as a way to create positive and unique experiences for people. The presentation will conclude with a project case study that illustrates the use of this approach.

All welcome. To access this How To Be Brilliant session please register for London Design Fair:

Entry is free but you must register before Wednesday 18th September 2019.

FREE to attend, FRIENDLY and ALL welcome!