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Especially for students, interns, apprentices and new entrants to the lighting profession. The Institution of Lighting Professionals invites you to a FREE, fun, friendly talk in London.

Meet an inspiring expert who will talk about lighting in a way formal education doesn't always cover. 

registration now open - book your free place!

28 september 2017 

jonathan howard at dha Designs

HOW TO BE BRILLIANT at lighting bowie

The boundaries between performance, art and exhibition narrow. As museums and galleries drive to increase public engagement and numbers of visitors, the 'blockbuster' event is now a key element of their programming. Lighting plays a part in satisfying more visually-aware audiences by providing a show - but how can lighting designers marry not only the demands of impressive effects and museum-grade light control, and at the same time, keep the system reliable and affordable?

How To Be Brilliant is brought to you by the Institution of Lighting Professionals in collaboration with acdc lighting. Their generous support means we don't charge to attend.
Doors open at 6pm; the talk starts at 6.30pm, followed by complimentary drinks. Doors close at 9pm.

FREE to attend, FRIENDLY and ALL welcome!

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