Exterior Lighting Diploma


The ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma is a four-module course taught and developed by highly established lighting professionals. This course will discuss many aspects of exterior lighting from street to architectural lighting.

With a varied teaching approach, the course will begin in lecture style, but will then progress to a more hands-on approach enabling you to put your skills and knowledge to use in a project that will be completed in teams at the end of every module.

This course is for individuals of all levels who wish to gain a highly sought after certification in the lighting industry. You will be fully supported throughout all four modules by our teaching staff who will be on hand during the five-day course. 

Why you need the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma

To be a competent and effective lighting engineer you need a comprehensive knowledge of exterior lighting. From day to day issues such as maintenance to more specific tasks such as tunnel lighting design, you must have a full understanding of every facet of your profession. The Diploma not only supplies you with this knowledge, it provides proof of this to the industry, the profession and your employer.

Increase your chances of promotion and career progression. Many organisations specifically demand this qualification when recruiting and many more will favour a candidate holding the Diploma.

Meet other lighting professionals and learn from their knowledge and experience. The Diploma modules are taught by leading professionals with many years of lighting and teaching experience. You will also make valuable contacts amongst your fellow students.

Why you need your lighting engineers to hold the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma

Every forward-thinking organisation is committed to providing Best Value to the clients or community it serves. Ensuring your employees are fully trained to the established industry standard is crucial. Lighting Professionals who hold the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma have proved their knowledge and understanding of important lighting issues, making it easier for your organisation to achieve success in this area.

Many organisations have written into their HR training guidelines that their lighting engineers should hold the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma. This demonstrates their commitment to quality and ensures their staff are highly trained.

Attract and retain the highest calibre of lighting engineer. Investing in your employees by supporting them as they attain the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma will result in their increased motivation and loyalty. Investors in lighting – investors in people.

Investing in the ILP Exterior Lighting Diploma means investing in your business.


Please contact angela@theilp.org.uk if you have any queries. 

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