What We Do

As an influential professional body, we are consulted by government on a wide range of issues, including legislation and regulations that affect the built environment. We aim to ensure that proposed measures are both effective and practicable, by serving on committees, and commenting on draft legislation, reports and consultations.

The Lighting Journal

The Lighting Journal is the official, monthly magazine of the Institution and is exceptional in delivering information on all aspects of the lighting profession. Issues include a lively mix from technical articles, developments, and detailed case studies, to new products and services, professional news, opinion and debate. Lighting Journal also regularly investigates new research, examines its findings, and considers its implications for lighting in the future.


We organise events regularly nationwide to educate and promote good lighting. Our events range from regional technical meetings to large scale exhibitions and conferences, bringing together product and service providers. We also arrange seminars on a range of issues to provide the latest information and to educate those new to the industry.


We offer many training courses including the Exterior Lighting Diploma, and short courses on both interior and exterior lighting topics. The courses offered enable lighting professionals to maximise their potential and build their knowledge base to make them stand out from the crowd. For more information, please visit https://www.theilp.org.uk/careers/training/

Continuous professional development

It is essential that all lighting professionals can demonstrate continuing professionalism and competence. Our programme of courses, seminars and events plays a key role in helping lighting professionals maintain and update their existing skills, acquire new skills, and develop their career. In this way, members can achieve their full potential, reach personal objectives, strengthen professional credibility, and accelerate career development.

Technical knowledge and support

We have a network of technical study panels that contribute to British, European and International Standards, and produce technical reports on a wide range of lighting topics, providing essential guidance to the profession. Technical advice is available via the Institution’s Professional Services Managers.


The ILP has a strong regional network in the UK and Ireland, giving members a chance to view presentations on the latest issues and developments in the lighting community. Attending regional events also offers the valuable opportunity to network with fellow lighting professionals.

Young Lighting Professionals

The YLP group is part of the ILP, and is run by young lighting professionals, for young lighting professionals aged 35 and under or, in the first few years of their lighting career. They represent the views and opinions of younger members of the profession and provide a special focus for those interested in or developing a career in lighting. There are no additional fees or qualifications required to join – the only requirement is ILP membership.