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The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP) is the UK and Ireland's largest and most influential professional lighting association, dedicated solely to excellence in lighting. Founded in 1924 as the Association of Public Lighting Engineers, the ILP has evolved to include lighting designers, consultants and engineers amongst its 2,000 strong membership.

The key purpose of the ILP is to promote excellence in all forms of lighting. This includes interior, exterior, sports, road, flood, emergency, tunnel, security and festive lighting as well as design and consultancy services. The Institution is a registered charity, a limited company and a licensed body of the Engineering Council.

There is an old saying that people are only aware of lighting when it is not working. The ILP is dedicated to raising awareness about the important contribution of lighting to road safety, crime prevention and the environment. Good lighting promotes a feeling of security and well being; bad lighting kills people, places and jobs. By targeting schools and colleges the ILP seeks to show how for relatively little financial outlay, the quality of life for inhabitants of housing estates, town centres and industrial areas can be transformed by better lighting. The ILP has proven that tremendous improvements can be achieved at small cost. The Institution lobbies central and local government to this effect and seeks to raise public awareness, particularly among the young, about the crucial role of lighting in everyday life.

By providing the best possible service to members, and consistently addressing the important issues within lighting, the ILP proves time and again that it is indeed 'The Independent Voice of the Lighting Profession'.